Putting together a brand and website seems so overwhelming, I don't even know where to start!

Step 1 is to reach out, Step 2 is to let me do the rest. Let's chat and I'll break down the process for ya.

I'm deciding between a couple different designers. How do I know which is right for me and my business?

Well take a look around and see if you get a good feeling from my style and personality, and I encourage you to do the same with the other designers. It's very important that you vibe with your designer!

I want to make sure my money is well spent. What if I don't love the finished design?

I take a "no-surprises" approach when working with clients. Every stage of the process is approved by you before moving on to the next, so you'll be updated along the way to ensure you like where things are headed.

As a business owner, I have so much to do as is! Will I need to be pulled away often to assist with this process?

As a business owner myself, I completely understand the fear of adding ANOTHER task to the to-do list. My goal is to take as much off your shoulders as possible. The biggest tasks I'll need from you are sending me your website assets (copy/images) and to be available to approve designs.

I don't know anything about maintaining a website. Will it be difficult to update the content when you're done?

I'll do a couple things to help you out here. 1) At the end of the process I'll record a video tutorial showing the ins and outs of making updates and 2) I optimize the 'back end' so it's clear what you can play with and what you shouldn't.

Is it even necessary to hire a professional? Can't I just create my brand or website myself?

You can, but honestly I don't recommend it. So many of my clients have been business owners who first tried to design and build their website themselves only to learn the hard way that it's much harder (and time consumming) than it looks, unfortunately resulting in a lot of wasted time and money.

I've never done this process before. Do I need a lot of knowledge about branding and websites to work with you?

Not at all. I'll go into detail with you about how my process works. Usually, the most technical it gets for you is sending me your assets and website domain/host information. I can walk you through anything you don't understand.

Will your aesthetic fit my business?

Before doing any designing or building, you and I will chat about your business/industry and clientele. I'll create mockups to make sure you like everything before building.



All websites are tablet & mobile friendly

Proficient in Adobe Suite apps such as Photoshop and Illustrator

Winner of the Maggie Award of Distinction for "BEST NEW MEDIA LAUNCH"

My specialty is WordPress which is used by Facebook, Disney, and Sony to name a few



In 2017, it's vital that your identity is optimized and consistent for your customers. You shouldn't risk ignoring this, because your competitors probably aren't. After talking with you about your business goals/clients, I'll come up with a Brand Style Guide that consists of colors, fonts, and other design elements, making it extremely simple to maintain consistency.

web design

Taking the elements from the branding phase and your website content, I'll first lay out the website in a wireframe and the I'll draft up a static mockup of your new website. You will see and approve each stage before I move forward.

web development

Once you approve the mockups, I'll jump into coding, making the website usable and functional. This is also where I make the site optimized for the tablets and mobile devices.

website set up

After all looks good with the your new design, I'll jump into the last phase of migrating the site to your host, connecting your domain, making sure all transfers smoothly. And then I will record a video tutorial for you showing you how to navigate your new website!

my skills

  • html5
  • css3
  • php
  • javascript
  • jquery
  • bootstrap
  • wordpress
  • adobe suite


I first started creating brands and designing websites years ago when founding the award winning online magaine, L.A. Lady Magazine.

I once lived in Italy for four months and have been trying to pick up the language since. Just don't ask me to say anything...

Living in Los Angeles, I try to take advantage of the surf as much as possible with what I sometimes call "Surfing Sundays"


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